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  What is is an new and professional Pay-Per-Click network that brings advertisers and web surfers together. E-cola's Affiliates Program allows web publishers to serve as intermediaries between web surfers and advertisers, earning money each time their users click on an advertiser’s listing.  
  How much do you pay? pays its partners 65-85% of the bidded amount based on the quality of traffic and 5% of referral's earnings.  
  When are payments issued?  
  We pay our Traffic Partners by PayPal (No Fee). We pay our Traffic Partners on the 1st day of each month by net 30 days. For example, your revenue for Jan. would be paid on Mar. 1st.  
  What is the minimum payout?  
  Our minimum payout is $5. This means that we do not pay partners until you have accumulated at least $5 in your account  
  Do you offer a referral program?  
  Yes you will get 5% of your 1st level referrals commissions.  
  When can I send traffic to ? would approve your affiliate account after you sign up if your application is accepted by You should only send traffic to when your affiliate account be approved.  
  May I apply multiple times and/or refer myself to earn an extra 5% referral bonus?  
  No. You may not refer yourself or apply for multiple accounts. However, you may use our linking methods on your other sites that you might have.  
  Do you pay for searches from all countries?  
  No. In general we pay only for searches from United States, Canada , United Kingdom & Some English Speak Countries( Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland). Thought different feeds have different countries that are accepted, this list is generally correct. We ask members to when possible target as much U.S. & Canada based traffic as possible.  
  Can I target certain keywords I know will make me more money?  
  No targeting certain keywords is strictly prohibited. Any member who uses these practices their account will be terminated and will result in forfeiture of all monies owed and possible criminal prosecution. We recommend you use a full page portal that is available in the affiliate area to increase your earnings.  
  Am I allowed to use my own portal?  
  No. You should use your Default Portal ONLY.  
  How often are stats updated?  
  Statistics are updated in real-time.  
  Do you allow incentivized traffic?  
  No. Incentivized traffic is strictly prohibited. Activities that are NOT allowed include but not limited to below activities. If you are caught doing so all of your earnings and your account will be deleted!  
. Portal, Banners Or Search Box on Incentive Domain(PTR/PTC Domain)
. Portal, Banners Or Search Box on Non-English Content Websites
. Portal, Banners Or Search Box on Any Websites/Pages that are Just A List of Searchboxes and Advertising
. Portal, Banners Or Search Box on Any Free Hosting
. Self Clicking & Abuse of Dynamic IP Address
. Search Exchange or Begging for Searches :You are NOT allowed to beg, or use incentive text to advertise us( such as" please make a valid search")
. Clicks from Open Proxy Server or Use of Click Bot
. Use of Fixed Keyword
. Search with No Referring URL: All searches must be from search box or your approved portal page
. Paid2Read(PTR) and / or Paid2Click (PTC) and / or Paid2Search(PTS) Advertising
  Why I can't get any money even I made a request?  
  There should have several reasons:  
. You have more than 15% proxies traffic.
. You have not fill in your payment ID in your personel information.
. Your balance only contain ref. bonus, and without send us any traffic.
. You are providing fake or non-complete info in your account.
. You are Cheating. (Read our FAQ and you can find the meaning of Cheating)
  If none of the above, please send an e-mail to us.  
  My website is not written in English, can I still join?  
  No, your webpage must be written in English.  
  I am located outside the United States, can I still join your Network?  
  Yes. We encourage all webmasters, including international ones, to apply to our Select Ad Network. We accept all webmasters who meet our requirements.  
  My websites are MP3, Warez and game emulation related, can I join?  
  No. Those web sites are considered to be illegal. You may only join if our staff has approved of the content on your web site.  
  How does my website benefit from using's Bid-Per-Click system?  
  When a business bids with's Bid-Per-Click system, the business only pays when a interested customer clicks on their link. This insures that your business only pays only for the actual hits you get to your sites. This is a superior method of advertising since you only pay for people who are actually clicking your ad to make an actual visit to your site, which gives you a chance to turn them into a customer. When you pay for clicks, 100% of your budget goes toward paying for customers who come to your site.  
  How does the bid process work?  
  The Bid-Per-Click system works on an auction basis. You are bidding for your placement in the Search Listing based on how much you are willing to pay for each visitor to your site.  
  Can I use any keyword I want?  
  Since is dedicated to providing our customers and advertisers the best possible search results possible we reserve the right to deny key words to advertisers on the basis of relevancy and appropriateness. .  
  How long does it take to get listed?  
  Our online sign up process can take as little as 5-10 minutes to sign up. Simply visit the "Sign Up " section of our site to access our online form, fill out the requested information, and be ready to start receiving traffic to your site.
Once you complete your order, it takes only minutes for your order to be processed. You will receive verification via an email confirmation from once your account has been approved.
  What position I should bid for?  
  There are many factors that determine what position you should aim for: The relevancy of the term to the website, current bid prices, ranking, etc. The options of how much to spend on each keyword is totally determined by yourself. That's the beauty of's Bid-Per-Click!  
  How does the Bid-Per-Click system handle tie bids?  
  If two or more keywords are bid upon at the same price, will give the keyword to the first advertiser who bid on that keyword the higher position in the search listings. For example, if there are 3 advertisers who bid 5 cents on a keyword, they will be listed in order of "seniority" at the 5 cent price.  
  Do I need to bid on both the plural and singular forms of my keyword?  
  Yes,'s Bid-Per-Click search engine makes a distinction between plurals and singular instances of words. For instances if you bid on the keyword "canary" you will also need to bid on the keyword "canaries" to cover both terms.  
  How much should I deposit into my account?  
  A deposit of $10.00 is needed to initialize your account and begin bidding on keywords. After the initial deposit of $10.00 the amount of funds to keep in your account should be determined by the number of keywords that you are bidding for and the amount you are bidding. If you choose to bid after some of the more popular keywords, you will want to make a larger deposit so that you do not run through your funds too quickly.  
  Are the funds that I deposit refundable?  
  Due to the amount of time that we dedicate to setting up new accounts, any and all initial and/or first time deposits to are non-refundable.  
  How do I know when the money in my account is almost gone?  
  When your account gets low, we will notify you via email. You may also check your client statistics and add money at any time.  
  What Type of Payments does accept? accepts PayPal and E-gold for deposits.  
  Affiliate and Advertiser:  
  What about Spammers?  
  At we have 0 tolerance for spammers, all affiliates that use ANY kind of unsolicitated mail will be removed and their generated clicks will be reversed, revenue will be returned to our advertisers  
  What about cheaters?  
  At we have 0 tolerance for cheaters, all affiliates that use ANY kind of non-human generated clicks will be removed and their generated clicks will be reversed, revenue will be returned to our advertisers  
  I have a question here that is not answered, what do I do?  
  Please feel free to contact us and we will answer your question usually within 48 hours. All questions, comments, suggestions etc. are welcome.  
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